3,000 gruelling miles

A truly unique insight

The Journey

This expedition covers 3,000 miles of hardcore survival, following the Congo River through hostile war zones and dense jungle. The team will sleep in hammocks, hunt for food and fend off predators that head their way. However, equipped with state-of-the art satellite communications, it will be able to send realtime updates from the trail, compelling and humbling stories from the Congo.

Route shown is approximate

The expedition begins at the headwater of the Chambeshi river in Northeastern Zambia, before descending 300 miles into the Bangweulu Swamps. The Luapula River heads north from the swamps, becoming, in turn, the Luvua and the Lualaba. Finally, just before the town of Kisangani, the waterway officially becomes the Congo River – an approximate halfway point with the hardest section yet to come.


In the second half of their walk, the team will face dense, dangerous rainforest with 90% humidity, treacherous terrain and unavoidable diseases like Malaria. They will be forced to live solely off the land before they make it to the final section of the river where the urban chaos of Kinshasa marks their descent to the Atlantic Ocean.


The Facts

  • • A world first expedition
  • • A journey of 4,700km – nearly 3,000 miles – and over 5 million steps
  • • Twice they will cross the Equator, in searing heat and intense humidity
  • • Walking along the deepest river in the world, teeming with crocodiles, hippopotamus and other wildlife
  • • The Congo is the second most powerful river on the planet, with 1.4 million cubic feet of water flowing into the Atlantic Ocean every second