The Mission

Amplifying the Voices of
Congolese Women and Girls

The Democratic
Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo, or simply Congo, is a country devastated by civil war and political instability. With a population of over 75 million, it is the fourth most populated nation in Africa; yet it ranks 176th out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index.

But this isn’t the only story Congo has to tell.

With land spanning nearly a million square miles and the Congo River cutting right through its centre, Congo is extremely rich in natural resources. Cobalt, copper, cadmium, diamonds, gold, silver, zinc and many more minerals are plentiful.

Without the current economic and political instability, Congo could be a country of commercial and societal prosperity.

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News from Congo is all too often one-sided, focused on war and destruction. Media stories of war and displacement, while accurate, drown out the stories of hope and potential from the youthful population.

Congolese women, under-represented in Congolese society, have an in-depth understanding of their country’s needs. Walk The Congo aspires to amplify these voices of leadership.

We dare not go home

Defining The Future

The Walk The Congo expedition will traverse the length of the Congo River, walking right through the center of the complex nation and sharing stories from the women and girls they met along the way. The team is committed to shifting narratives of war, disease and humanitarian crisis, and to raising awareness of the incredible potential that exists in the heart of Africa.

By working with UN Women and Congolese partners, Walk The Congo will capture the imagination of a wider audience and change global perceptions of Congo. Through TV, traditional and social media, the expedition will strive to raise awareness of the hopes and dreams of Congolese women and girls, as well as their vital role in their country’s future.